Empire Box Levels

EMPIRE® Level has earned the trust of the construction trades by delivering a broad range of innovative solutions focused on layout applications and box levels are no exception. Box levels deliver superior durability to survive the jobsite with robust frames designed to protect accuracy over time, ensuring true performance you can trust. The e75 Series TRUE BLUE® Box levels deliver best-in-class accuracy, durability, and readability. Building off the e75 Series, we offer true innovation in advanced technology, versatility, and visibility through Digital, ULTRAVIEW™, and eXT Extendable Box Levels, directly addressing your layout needs.

The e105 Series Digital TRUE BLUE® Box Levels offer Most Advanced features, combining box level durability with Inspector Grade accuracy. Features such as Auto-Calibration, 7 unique measuring modes, and inspect mode make for a best-in-class digital solution.

The eXT Series Extendable TRUE BLUE® Box Levels offers the Most Versatile performance with the ability to extend for exact fit in any job. These levels allow for a perfect fit in custom or odd size applications and allow users to carry less while maintaining productivity to complete the job.

The e95 Series ULTRAVIEW™ LED TRUE BLUE® Box Levels use patented dual LED lights, optical brightener, and e-BAND™ vials to provide high definition viewing in all conditions, making them the most visible levels in the level lineup.

e105 Series Digital Box Levels

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eXT Extendable Box Levels

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e95 Series ULTRAVIEW™ LED Box Levels

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e75 Series TRUE BLUE® Box Levels

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650 Series Compact Box Levels

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